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Luxury, hospitality, big views at this B&B near Charlottesville Va.

WoolyLam, an antique shop near Charlottesville, VA

Antique Shops Near Charlottesville, Va

Who doesn’t love digging through antique shops near Charlottesville, Virginia, to find a twice-loved treasure? When you stay at Cedar Spring Inn you are within 7 miles of some of the best antique shops in Central Virginia. For instance, in Ruckersville there are 8 Antique Shops or Malls all located within a couple miles of each other. Better yet, you can drive to Ruckersville from Cedar Spring Inn in just 10 minutes.  Then spend an hour or a couple days hunting down the perfect vintage china and crystal, unique antique figurine, quaint basket, one-of-a-kind chair, antique sign, signed print or vintage toy.

From Cedar Spring Inn, turn left on Rt. 29 (Seminole Trail) and proceed North. On your way to the intersection of Rt. 33 (Spotswood Trail) and Rt. 29 you will pass a Goodwill Store on the right (8758 Seminole Trail). While I know you are looking for antiques, trust me.  Consider stopping here for a quick look; see if today is your lucky day. It’s best to shop this Goodwill early in the week for greatest selection.  Rest assured, if you find a basket, tray or candle holder you love the price will be irresistible.  Just think, you can find interesting glass pieces to paint all-white or jadite green and spend less than $5.00 total.

The Southeast Corner of Rt. 29 and Rt. 33:  Three Antique Shops in Less than a City Block, just 20 minutes from Charlottesville, VA

Continue North two tenths of a mile to the Seminole Trail/Spotswood Trail intersection. On the south-east corner of the intersection you will find The Country Store Antique Mall (14918 Spotswood Trail This used to be an antique shop near Charlottesville, VA, where serious rummaging was required. But no longer! With new management this has become a quaint but very shoppable mall.  Here you will find furniture and collectibles in well-organized vignettes. Check out the video on their facebook page to see the breadth of their offerings.

Right next door, at 14926 Spotswood Trail you will find Upcycle Boutique.  This is a relatively new venture featuring salvage, antiques, vintage and retro.  They also offer custom built furniture ( Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

After that, turn right again to 14936 Spotswood Trail just next door; here you find Backwoods Antiques. This shop has mostly large pieces, old or antique furniture, no frills and no web presence. But they just might have the piece you need, like the unique hardware for a custom potting bench one of our guests found here.

Once you’ve exhausted what these three spots have to offer, continue North to 9422 Seminole Trail, about one mile. On your right will be The Wooly Lam (  This shop is a compilation of some 40 vendors featuring just about everything antique and vintage.  You’ll even find some new shabby chic and Americana mixed in.

These are four antique shops near Charlottesville, VA, plus a Goodwill treasure hunt, all worthy of a visit.

The Northwest Corner of Rt. 29 and Rt. 33:  Two Antique Shops and Farm-to-Table Lunch, still 20 minutes from Charlottesville, VA

Leaving The Wooly Lam, double back traveling South on Seminole Trail and return to the intersection with Spotswood Trail. At this intersection on the north west corner you will find Jack’s Shop Kitchen restaurant (great option for farm-to-table lunch).  Above Jack’s Shop is Greene House Shops (, a full floor of  hidden treasures.  The entrance is to the right of the Jack’s Shop Kitchen entrance.

Alternatively, turn right onto Spotswood Trail and turn right again at the end of the Jack’s Shop Kitchen building.  Now you find yourself in the parking area for Gateway Antique Center (14843 Spotswood Trail). This shop occupies the entire basement floor of Jack’s Shop Kitchen.  Recent guests raved about the print and painting treasures offered here at seriously discounted prices.

Ready for the next shop? If it’s the weekend, turn right onto Spotswood Trail and continue about 1.5 mile to Rummage 33 at 14343 Spotswood Trail ( Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, this store has a little bit of everything.

Ruckersville Gallery, great Antique Shops near Charlottesville, VA

Turn left leaving Rummage 33 and travel East on Spotswood Trail, back to Seminole Trail. Turn right and proceed South one mile to Ruckersville Gallery at 8287 Seminole Trail. This is the most professional antique mall in Ruckersville.  Offering 30,000 square feet of museum quality antiques, vintage and collectibles, this is the spot for serious gift shopping.

At the Ruckersville Gallery you may find a rare Virginia Sugar Chest from the late 1700’s for $14,500, or a pair of Southern Side Chairs for $700. Similarly, there could be an historic print of The Drafting of the Declaration of Independence by Peter Frederick Rothermel for $2600. In addition you might find an old tin cake pan with rabbit for $25, a large sterling silver and rhinestone bee broach for $70 or a large Farmer’s Market sign for $575. In addition we’ve seen a signed Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Helmet for $495 and a lovely white relief Madonna and Child plaque for $10.

From Ruckersville Gallery back to Cedar Spring Inn is just 5.5 miles, about 7 minutes. In conclusion, there are other antique shops in the Charlottesville area, but you won’t find as much in one two mile radius anywhere nearby.

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