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Unique things to do in Charlottesville VA include a Wine Ride, Virginia cheese, Monticello

Five Unique Things To Do In Charlottesville, VA

We present these five unique things to do in Charlottesville, VA.  Consider trying one or all on your next trip to the area.

Take a Unique Wine Ride in Charlottesville, VA

The Wine Ride hosted by Cedar Spring Inn is a wine education tour. Thus, you learn the fine points of wine tasting.  Therefore, spend a day enjoying curated tastings at three area wineries. Charles McBee is a fourth-generation wine importer.  As a veteran of thirty years in the wine industry, Charles is perfect to lead the ride.  Certainly you will end the day with a new appreciation of which wines you love and why. Check out our Special Winter Wine Packages. They include the Wine Ride, Wine Tasting Notebook and Picnic Lunch.

Buy Some Local Cheese near Charlottesville, VA

Here are three businesses where you learn about cheese making.  Better yet, you can enjoy the fruits of some skilled Virginia cheesemakers:

Firstly consider Everona Dairy in Rapidan, Virginia. Everona is located 45 minutes north of Cedar Spring Inn.  Everona Dairy specializes in all things sheep.  For example, their web site features cheese to woolen items to soap. On the site you can purchase their popular Piedmont cheese in 1 ½ or 6 pound wheels. In addition, you can visit the farm by appointment only.  The preferred days are Wednesday or Thursday. Make your reservation at

Secondly read about Caromont Farm located 1 hour south of Cedar Spring Inn. Caromont is known for award-winning goats milk cheeses (chevre, feta and Esmontonian).  Hence, you can purchase on-line or enjoy at many area restaurants. Likewise Caromont is also known for its Culinary Workshops.  Certainly work their schedule into your schedule at

Third, visit Monastery Country Cheese at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Crozet, Virginia. For twenty-five years the Sisters have been making a Dutch-recipe Gouda cow’s milk cheese.   Most noteworthy, they use a cheese culture shipped from Wisconsin. You can purchase the cheese at the Monastery daily except Sundays from 9:00am to 11:00am and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The price is $28 for a 2 pound wheel.

Paint, Snack, Sip in Charlottesville, VA

Learn to paint while you snack and sip. There are two options, both franchises. First consider Wine & Design Charlottesville located 30 minutes from Cedar Spring Inn. You can schedule a 2 hour painting sessions ($35/person). Furthermore, they encourage you to bring your own beverages and snacks.  On the other hand, Muse Paint Bar is about 20 minutes from Cedar Spring Inn. Their painting sessions range in price from $25 to $35.  In contrast, beverages and snacks are available for purchase on-site.

Alternatively, check out the Glass Palette.  Create something from glass.  So this is another way to nourish your creative side during your Central Virginia stay.

Make a Unique Escape in Charlottesville, VA

Have you tried an Escape Room? They are three dimensional living puzzles.  As a result, you test your ability to follow clues and solve problems. Here are three options unique to Charlottesville:

First is Cville Escape Room, about 30 minutes from Cedar Spring Inn.  They offer 6 different themed rooms.  Each costs $25/person/60 minutes.  Second, check out Immersion Escape Rooms about 25 minutes from Cedar Spring Inn. They have 4 rooms featuring film-quality set design and episodic story lines. One room is priced at $15 for 30 minutes.  Three rooms cost $25 for 60 minutes.  Third is Unlocked History which has 2 rooms with historic themes: British are Coming and The Raven. Unlocked History is located 25 minutes from Cedar Spring Inn.  The pricing is $25/person/60 minutes.

History, the Most Unique Thing to do in Charlottesville, VA

Above all we must mention the most Unique Things to do in Charlottesville. These are the historical sites you can only see in this area. For example, visit Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson  Alternatively, spend a day at Montpelier, the home of James Madison  Or visit Highland, the home of James Monroe  Most noteworthy, these are the homes of the 3rd, 4th and 5th presidents of the United States respectively.

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