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A comprehensive Wine Education Event.

Do you wish there was a quick course to learn about the fine points of tasting wine? Do you want to move from wine enthusiast to wine aficionado to wine connoisseur? If your answer to questions like these is yes, read on. Guests at Cedar Spring Inn have the option of participating in one of the few true wine education activities in the Monticello Viticultural Area

A little history:  Beginning as the fourth generation in a family-owned wine import and wholesale company, Charles (now Innkeeper Charles) went on to spend 35 years in the wine industry.  He has traveled Europe as a wine importer and worked with and for wineries in the Alexander Valley and Sonoma County, California.

So Innkeeper Charles, who is author Charles, is returning to his roots in becoming wine educator Charles.  And in the process he is embarking on a project to study and experiment with wine, from soil to bottle.  And to let interested guests come along for the ride.

WineQuest95PLUS is an option for guests at Cedar Spring Inn to learn about the fine points of WHY you enjoy the wines YOU enjoy.  From an overview of wine growing in Virginia to how to determine “balance,” the mark of an outstanding winemaker, you will be given tools, tips and tailored tastings to help you define YOUR OWN wine pallet.

Guests participating in the WineQuest95PLUS day long tutorial events will receive a serious but fun tasting experience.  You will leave with the ability to deliver an educated tasting review of any wine anywhere.

The day includes time in the experimental vineyard at Cedar Spring Inn discussing the grape growing experience, a visit to two or three local vineyards to taste and note-take using professional tools, and a blind tasting back at Cedar Spring Inn focusing on one varietal.

WineQuest95PLUS is a day-long event and so requires a two-night stay at Cedar Spring Inn.   Maximum participation on any day is 6 persons.

Cost of this educational wine tasting experience is $195/person which includes transportation to the vineyards, a picnic lunch, the Blind Tasting and Charcuterie following the blind tasting. You will also receive a complimentary copy of both De Long’s “Wine Tasting Notebook” and of “Wine Tasting: A Comprehensive Guide” by M. Charles McBee. (Wine Tasting Fees at the wineries visited are extra.)

WineQuest95PLUS is not available December through March.

To reserve your WineQuest95PLUS experience, or for more information, please call 434-964-1462 or email

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